In the light of the importance of encouraging our children to learn Quran recitation, IQRA Online family decided to reward our distinguished Muslim kids

The Main Objective

Ramadan competition for kids is a competition in reciting Quran with Tajweed started from Ramadan 15th to redouble our reward from Allah.

Competition Prizes

  1. The first-place winner will get a month free (8 hours) study at the Academy without any fees.
  2. The second-place winner will get a free study half a month (4 hours) at the Academy.
  3. The third-place winner will study 2 hours for free at the Academy.
  4. All winners will be awarded certificates of appreciation approved by the Academy in addition to designing an encouraging video for them.
  5. The first ten winners will be awarded by posting their videos on IQRA Online Facebook page.


  • The age of the contestant should not be more than 14 years.
  • The contestant should apply only by filling the form of the competition with in the selected time between. (Ramadan 15st to Shawal 29th).

How to share.

  • Record video between 2 to 5 Minutes for you reciting Quran from Surat Asshams. (سورة الشمس)
  • Fill in the required data through this form and upload your file.

The accepted files.

  • The accepted files are MP4 & AVI.


  • Accepting shares will be between (Ramadan 15th to Shawal 29th).
  • The first ten winners shares will be announced at  Zol-Qihdah 3rd.
  • The first three winners will be announced on the night of the 10th of  Zol-Qihdah.